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  • Maintenance:

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Privacy Policy

Privacy policy

Ektaco AS (hereinafter Ektaco) adheres to the following privacy rules and undertakes to protect the personal data of its customers. Here you will find detailed information on the kind of personal data we collect about you, how we use such data, and who has access to it.

Data Controller:

Name of company: Ektaco AS, registration number 10076122

Address: Teaduspargi 8, Tallinn 2618

Telephone: +372 6542150

E-mail:  ektaco@ektaco.ee

Web sites: https://www.ektaco.ee; https://www.compuaccess.ee; https://www.compucash5.com

Apps: CompuCash App, CompuCash4000, CompuAccess App


This privacy policy applies to all individuals using our CompuCash cash register system, CompuAccess work time management system, Ektaco’s access control systems or tailored software solutions. The privacy policy does not apply to legal entities or cover the processing of personal data on web sites/service portals for which links are provided on our web sites/service portals.

Data Controller (or Controller) means an entity who processes personal data and determines the purpose and scope of such processing.

Data Processor (or Processor) means an entity who processes personal data on behalf of and as directed by the Data Controller.

Cookie means a text file that is saved on your computer or smart device by a web site when you visit it.

Ektaco acts as a Data Controller for personal data entrusted with us. With regard to data entered in the databases by our customers, Ektaco acts as a Data Processor whereas the customer is the owner and Controller of such data.

For instance, Ektaco’s Data Processors include partners who provide database and server hosting, accounting services or related software, or legal, transport, recruiting services, etc. Processors may carry out processing operations only for personal data designated and within the scope authorised by the Controller.

Ektaco collects information about your visits to our web site www.ektaco.ee. Our web site can be visited without providing us with identifiable personal data. However, sharing your personal data is required if you wish to get a response to your queries made on our web site, receive offers for our products, use our customer support or services, or obtain further information.

We process personal data in line with the applicable legislation on the protection of personal data, including Regulation of the European Parliament and Council (EU) 2016/679 (hereinafter GDPR), and the Personal Data Protection Act of the Republic of Estonia. Ektaco will not disseminate, transmit, alter or use in any other way not disclosed at the time of data collection the personal data entrusted with unless there is no corresponding agreement with the individual or the need to disclose information arises from the aforesaid legal instruments or other legislation of the Republic of Estonia.

Personal data includes any data pertaining to an individual already identified or to be identified – a customer, partner or visitor of Ektaco. Ektaco collects personal data with a view to selling its software, drafting contracts, invoicing, performing obligations that arise from agreements with customers, identifying individuals or contacting them for the purpose of providing services, maintaining customer relations or solving potential issues. We use personal data only for designated purposes, i.e., operations that are required for providing our services.

Ektaco undertakes to protect the personal data and privacy of its customers. We implement technical and organisational measures in line with the relevant risks to protect collected personal data. The personal data that we collect may include the following:

·         Name of individual

·         Personal identification code

·         Individual’s business phone number

·         E-mail address

·         Legal address

·         Name of company and job title of individual

·         Company’s bank account information

·         Texts of sent queries

·         Other data required for providing services


The types of processed personal data may vary in line with the actual agreement between Ektaco and the customer or the specific product application. The entitlement to process personal data arises in connection with entry into and performance of contracts, legitimate interest, or the individual’s consent which is preferably in writing.

Your personal data will be processed first and foremost for the purpose of providing services to you. We would like to point out that even though the transmission of personal data cannot always be deemed mandatory, in some cases the failure to provide personal data or requesting to discontinue their processing may prevent us from providing services to you.

Ektaco would like to make its web site as easy to use as possible. To improve user experience, the following information about visitors to our web site will be stored, including but not limited to: browser type and version, device type and operating system, IP address, time of visiting the web site and the duration of visit, visited pages, and demographic information like language preference and location. The aggregated statistical data on web browsing will be anonymised and not traced back to any specific individual. Individual profiles for visitors will not be developed.

Servers that host our web site may also store queries that you submit to them (the web address you open, browser and device that you use, IP address, time of access). Such data will be used solely for technical purposes to ensure proper functioning and security of the web site and address potential security incidents.

Our web site uses cookies that allow mapping and memorising various activities, operations and preferences that relate to you or your behaviour on our web site. First and foremost, cookies are used for collecting statistical data by monitoring your preferences pertaining to web site visits. Our web site also uses persistent cookies that are stored on your computer once you close the browser. As an Internet user you can disallow or limit the storing of cookies on your computer. Further, you can delete all cookies stored on your computer so far. To this end, you need to adjust your personal privacy settings in your browser.

Sharing your personal data with us necessary if you wish to order our products or services through our web site or obtain further information. You can submit queries by filling out the relevant contact form titled “Send us a request”, using the Ektaco chat feature, or sending an e-mail to ektaco@ektaco.ee

In order to be able to respond to your query we collect the following personal data: legal name of company, e-mail address, phone number, industry/sector and comments. For the purposes of responding to the query, all pieces of information saved about you by means of cookies will be associated with the provided personal data. In other words, a contact history will be generated. While preparing our offer we use data made available by Creditinfo about the relevant company and its representatives.

The legal basis in this context is the processing of personal data for the purposes of implementing an agreement made with the data subject or taking preliminary action prior to making such agreement in line with a request by the data subject [GDPR Article 6(1)(b)]. The aforesaid personal data will be accessible to employees authorised by Ektaco who have undertaken to respect confidentiality in connection with signing their employment contract. Ektaco has put in place clear and mandatory rules of procedure for all parties who process personal data on our behalf and request. As regards contacting our employees for customer support it should be noted that in order to analyse certain requests customer support officers may need access to data about your customers. Further, we will access your account only following a written request or a request where the requesting party has been identified, and follow all rules put in place to ensure that each operation (addition, alteration, deletion) involving customer data is being logged. If you submit a query using the relevant form, your personal data may be accessed by our partner who administers our IT solutions. We will implement appropriate technical and organisational measures to ensure the security of personal data.  We store personal data collected in connection with queries for the duration of the signed customer agreement or until the statutory obligation to store data expires. If a customer agreement was not signed, personal data will be stored only for statistical purposes.

By sending an e-mail to ektacto@ektaco.ee you can exercise your following rights provided that your request allows identifying the requesting party:

·         Right to examine personal data related to you

·         Right to require rectification of personal data in line with the relevant legal provisions

·         Right to require deletion of personal data insofar as this is not in conflict with rules set out in the legislation of Estonia

·         Right to personal data portability

·         Right not to be subject to a decision based solely on automated processing

·         Right to withdraw consent or obtain a copy of data


Ektaco may reject the request if:


·         It could compromise the rights and freedoms of other persons

·         It could prevent us from providing or not providing our services

·         It could impede the work of law enforcement authorities

·         It is not technically necessary or feasible

·         The requesting party does not have a legitimate connection to the data

·         The requesting party cannot be identified


In some cases, you may require restriction of processing of your personal data and or object to processing of your personal data. You may exercise your rights in accordance with the GDPR and the legislation of Estonia.

By using Ektaco’s web site, products or service portals you agree that you have examined and accepted the corresponding privacy policies and rules. We retain the right to change, supplement or withdraw our privacy policy as necessary whilst informing you by e-mail or publishing a notification on our product page or web site.

If you feel that your privacy has been violated, please contact us using the e-mail address below. You may file a complaint with the data protection authority of the country of your permanent residence. The relevant authority in Estonia is the Data Protection Inspectorate.

If you have any questions or suggestions related to this privacy policy, please send us an e-mail to ektaco@ektaco.ee