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The following Privacy Policy is applied when you use the Compucash App, CompuCash4000 and/or visit our website https://www.compucash5.com. The controller of your personal data is Ektaco AS registry code 10076122, legal address Teaduspargi 8, 12618 Tallinn


  • For the purposes of the Contract Ektaco will process the data of the Client and/or its end customers (hereinafter Data) only as an authorised data processor for the purpose of solving the Client’s problems related to using the product. Ektaco does not engage in the collection of data from the Client or Users on its own initiative.
  • By signing the Contract or ordering a service the Client authorises Ektaco to process the Data.
  • By signing the Contract the Client declares that it has obtained consent from Users for processing the Data and is authorised to transmit the Data to Ektaco for the purposes of service provision.
  • The Client will set out the procedures for data collection and processing as well as the related rights and obligations of its employees in its internal rules.
  • The Client may not prohibit Ektaco from processing the Data as it would render the provision of the service to the Client impossible. Any Data will be entered in the product by the Client who is responsible for their accuracy, use and safe handling.
  • The Client and Users undertake to make sure that any equipment (computers and the like) operated by the Client to use Ektaco’s services are secure.
  • Ektaco may use the Data by virtue of legislative provisions and without the Client’s specific consent for the purposes of performing or enforcing the Contract in order to:
    • identify the Client and its representative;
    • provide services to the Client or perform related operations that are necessary;
    • provide maintenance and consultation to the Client and address any malfunctions;
    • calculate service fees or compose and send notifications and invoices to the Customer with regard to the Contract;
    • send notifications concerning the Contract and/or services to the Client insofar as this does not entail using the Data for marketing purposes; the Contract sets out the Client’s e-mail address where newsletters may be sent and the Client can stop receiving them at
    • any time by clicking the relevant button in the newsletter;
    • record business and service operations and engage in the transmission of data for commercial purposes (incl. transmitting to auditors);
    • record and store telephone conversations between Ektaco and the Client or a User for the purpose using the recordings as proof of intent or transactions between the Parties and providing a better service to the Client.
  • Ektaco may use the following Data for the purposes of the Contract:
    • basic particulars about the Client: Client’s name, registration number, address, e-mail address, name and e-mail address of its representative, User’s name, contact particulars (incl. phone or fax number, registered address, e-mail address);
    • details about Contracts signed and orders placed by the Client, particulars of contact persons, details about invoices and related information (payment particulars or the like);
    • detailed Data about the use of services by the Client and the particulars of terminals employed by the Client for using the services;
    • the list of Data in this paragraph is not exhaustive meaning that Ektaco may process Data not listed in this paragraph for the purpose of performing or enforcing the Contract or providing services.
  • Ektaco will ensure the confidentiality of Data about the Client and Users. Ektaco may transmit the Data only in cases laid down by the law.
  • Ektaco will store the Data as long as necessary to ensure contractual performance and the attainment of the objectives of Data use and/or as long as required by the law.
  • The Client or a User is entitled to get information from Ektaco about the use of Data collected about them in accordance with the extent and procedure laid down by the law.