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Which is the best card terminal for You?

October 03, 2019

According to the Bank of Estonia the majority of retail payments are made with bank cards and therefore it is of key importance to have a good POS card terminal solution for your business, be it a shop or restaurant or cafe. In addition it happens quite often that Estonian do not even have any cash with them and when you do not offer the card payment option they may leave your business without any purchase, but a quick card payment solution may raise the client satisfaction considerably.

But from where can You rent a POS card terminal and how to choose the most relevant one for Your business?

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CompuCash point of sale system is certified in Latvia

August 23, 2019

CompuCash is one of the few certified point of sales systems in Latvia from this spring. That makes it nicely possible for you to use the same system in your restaurants, cafes, shops or entertainment centres in Estonia and Latvia.

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CompuCash POS app

August 08, 2019

Two mobile solutions (for iOS and Android) to speed your sales:

  • CompuCash Waiter is an app for restaurants and cafes to take orders smoothly from the tables and send straight to their bar or kitchen. The Waiter is integrated with CC4000 Windows POS’es. 
  • CompuCash POS app is a new generation independent POS solution.  Its functionality is still limited but you can nicely sell with it, it’s proved by our clients.
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10. January 2019

CompuCash Waiter