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Sports clubs, spas and beauty centres

• Booking Solutions
Access Control
Locker System
Point of Sale System
• Self-Service Soltions

All-in-one solution according to Your specifics: software and hardware, incl. turnstiles, point of sale equipment, video cameras, etc.
Monthly fee for always update software solution and 24/7 support, one payment for the needed hardware.

Booking System and Calendar:

  • You can set the following:
    • Rooms
    • Trainers, masseurs, etc. and have an overview of their work schedule and working hours.
    • Types of contracts and packages
    • Private and business customers
    • Types and settings of trainings
    • Limitations for the users
  • Calendar view with booking availabilities and bookings made
  • Clients can book and confirm their appearance in the web or on site
  • An opportunity to integrate it with access system, locker system, point of sale, bookkeeping and also with working time monitoring and salary system

Access Control Systems:

  • Access control system for your employees and customers – access through the doors and to your parking lot
  • High quality Gotschlich turnstiles and security gates from Austria
  • Access with mobile, electronic card or fingerprint
  • An opportunity to integrate it with working time accounting system, locker system, video surveillance, point of sale and booking


Locker System:

comfortable Metra locking system, that can be nicely integrated with the point of sale and access control. 


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Point of Sale System:

  • easy to use and intuitive point of sale solution
  • registration of in house sales with wristbands and payment on the way out
  • integration of point of sale and payment terminal to raise sales speed and eliminate mistakes of handwork
  • ticket sales
  • solution for gift cards (packages) and loyalty cards, incl. ID card and mPocket based loyalty
  • smooth tool to carry out marketing campaigns and analyse their effectiveness
  • back office with premium functionality, incl. storage management
  • can be integrated with a bookkeeping software, video surveillance or e-shop

Self-Service Solutions:

  • do you happen to have queues on rush hours or weekends – add a self-service kiosk for buying tickets
  • you can also consider fully automated solutions for your sports club and manage it with 0 people
For the spas offering accommodation we can propose our integrated solution.