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Shops and Ticket Sales

Simple and quick functionality for shops and ticket sales that is always working. 

  • Support to large databases with even 100,000+ different articles 
  • Purchase and sales orders
  • Technical support for different types of barcodes
  • Barcode generator
  • Price tag generator and support for the tag printers, incl. 2D (QR)
  • Inventory management based on minimum stock, automatic 
  • Electronic bills of delivery, integrated with Telema solution
  • Integrated with ticket printers 
  • Combined sales opportunity for goods and tickets 
  • Integrations with e-shops
  • Loyalty cards, incl. ID card 
  • Super quick sales registration, especially beneficial at rush hours 
  • Support several ways of payment, incl, partial payments 
  • Portable dataterminal, incl. for stocktaking, purchase orders and checking 
  • Self-service solutions

Effective and high quality service is secured by a point of sale system that is quick and always working!