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Restaurants, cafes, nightclubs

Functionality designed exactly for you based on the input from leading restaurants in Estonia:

  • Ergonomic and intuitive touch scree
  • Open bills, options for bill management and transfer
  • Options to use all needed ways of payment
  • Easy way to divide the bills between people
  • Marking the tables and courses to manage the flow smoothly
  • The way to note down special requests of people
  • Options for using different kinds of discounts, loyalty cards and gift cards
  • Kitchen display to fulfill smoothly the orders
  • Recipe and their calculations management
  • Availability of different languages based on the need of the preference of your personnel
  • Online sales statistics to the manager, also in your mobile
  • A log and reporting system of your different points of sale

Effective and high quality service is secured by a point of sale system that is quick and always working!