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Hotels and Accommodation

Ektaco CC Booking  + CompuCash = Full Solution for Accommodation Providers

CC Booking software for small and medium hotels, hostels and guest houses. Integrated booking and point of sales system.

You have no need to worry about integrations with different softwares. CompuCash booking and POS is ideal for You. 

  • Define your rooms, goods an services
  • Create your stack of pricelists, incl. seasonal and weekday specific prices 
  • Calendar view and quick calendar based administration
  • Overview of occupancy and statistics 
  • Lists of guests coming and going
  • Client management, e-mailing, confirmatoons, announcements, etc
  • Client data registration and statistics, check-in formula
  • Payment resgitration and billing
  • Quick check-in and check-out
  • Partial bills, quick bill genegator and administrator
  • Online integration with point of sales, sales on the room's account

Effective and high quality service is secured by a point of sale system that is quick and always working!