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compucash posCompucash POS

  • Offline/online support

    A continuous process of selling and reliability, especially during busy times is very important. Cash register does not depend on the Internet, sales are collected as encrypted
    into local database and will be sent to the server as soon as the connection is restored. Since the connection to the server is in a subthread it does not cause for the network any trouble or malfunction and the program will run properly.
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  • Different barcode technology support

    Different types of bar-code scanners are supported, incl QR bar codes, weight bar code labels etc.
  • Open invoices

    Allows desk service, leaving bills on hold.
  • Client ID tagging on the invoice line, later submission of invoices and payment of the invoice.

    Each invoice line can be easily highlighted. On an ongoing basis you can submit an invoice based by its label.
  • Defining the buttons on the product panel

    On each product panel you can set up to 200 products or groups. The panels can be set even 10 pieces so that 2000 product choice is a quaranteed two clicks away. Setting through
    a product group approximately 40 000 products are three cliks away.
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  • The touch screen panel product unwinding and rewinding.

    Selecting the panel that displays all of its content, a new click on the panel scrolls back the content of the panel
  • Different payment methods and unlimited payment definition.

    In addition to the typical payment method, you can also define as many payment options as desired.
  • Multilingual support, per-user basis

    All menus appear to a user in its assigned language. User can also specify in which language the information will be shown and receipts are printed.
  • Weight interface support

    Available both for powerful as well as simplified interfaces. For simplified interface cash register is connected by wire from the weight. For powerful interface you can
    download the products into weight memory.
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  • Partial invoice payment and other payment methods.

    Allows to combine between different payment types, for example, part cash, part card. On the same account you can combine many same typeof payment eg. to pay with
    several different cards.
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  • Multi-Currency Use

    Allowing multiple currencies, user can pay in main currency or choose between many different currency.
  • The products, product lines or any function button down defining.

    Each button can be defined as a product or group of products in addition to any cash-action feature
  • Automatic logout

    You can define the period, when there is an automatic logout, provided that the activity does not take place in the period checkout. Logout condition can also be set in such a
    way that it would take place after the closing of each invoice.
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  • Predefined (automatic) System of Preferences, which makes cashiers life easier.

    All bonuses can be predefined so that the service does not have to carry out special operations, in accordance with the customer, from the time, quantity, etc. Amounts.
    Preferencies will apply automtically.
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Compucash ERP (Office)

  • Product Management as table or product card

    Allows to look products as table as one by one, opening the product card.
  • Convenient grouping of products and dimensioning

    Products can be divided into groups. Group conditions can be created a great deal. For example. Grouping can be a product type, color, size and so on. basis. You can set
    up filters for the respective groups, and reporting.
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  • Dynamic price tag design

    Price tags can be designed according to your wishes, allowing the label to determine almost all of the product features. Price tags can be saved in different profiles. Desired
    profile can be set on the printout.
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  • Critical storage quantity limits and ordering

    Minimum stock quantities can be recorded with the case where the stock is below its amount of storage the data is displayed and quick creation is allowed.
  • Sales reporting and accountability profiles recording

    Wide variety of reports, where the report criteria can be stored as a profile.
  • Cash position and log reporting.

    Comprehensive control over the activities of each office. You can configure a variety of groups and activities to implement a filter, for example. Activities that should be checked.
  • Office and Wholesale

    Office software allows bill of sale realization, from business to business (B2B)
  • Sales orders

    Office software allows sales orders. if necessary, the goods can be booked in stock. you can create an invoice for office with one click.
  • Multilingual support, per-user basis

    Each office user can use the program in the specified language.
  • Different delivery bills in warehouse management

    Different types of documents can be used in stock accounting.
  • Price agreements with suppliers

    EAllows you to define the corresponding price agreements for each product and supplier basis.
  • Customers, automated incentives, birthday bonuses

    Each client can specify group membership, meet the preferences of a specific time period or birthday concessions.
  • Sales statistics and graphs, selected under different criteria.

    A wide variety of statistical reports that can be presented as graphs.
  • Analysis and performance-related pay.

    Possible to verify the effectiveness of the exchange and to see performance-based formula about each persons salary.
  • Sales promotions

    Office software allows sales offers. In realization it is simple to prepare sales invoice.
  • Jobs and rights

    You can define jobs (usergroups). Each person is assigned to the user group, and warehouse or point of sale, where the person is permitted to work.


Compucash Booking

Booking and management software for accommodation providers

  • Different pricelists

    Prices can be set by seasons and weekdays
  • Calendar view

    provides a visual overview of occupancy and ensures quick calendar-based management
  • Lists of check-ins and check-outs

    provides a quick overview and a report on the rooms which need preparation and which are subject to final cleaning
  • Customer data registration

    and statistics, check-in form
  • Quick check-in and check-out

    for simpler bookings, the number of actions has been minimized; in principle, check-ins and check-outs can be registered by a single click.
  • Occupancy overview and statistics

    Various report options which ensure reporting to meet own needs as well as the statutory requirements
  • Customer management, sending of e-mails

    All confirmations, summaries and notifications can be sent automatically by e-mail; subsequently, the history of e-mails sent and
    their content can be viewed.
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  • Recording of payments, settlement

    allows the management of prepayments, settlements, selling on account, and covers all the settlement needs specific to accommodation providers. Invoices can be
    generated in consolidated form, by services and by visitors, if necessary.
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  • Online interface with a cash register, selling on account

    provides a convenient settlement alternative. Selling on account for hotel room guests takes place online where all items sold on a room’s account - incl. restaurant and bar products as
    well as services - are reflected on the summary invoice upon check-out.
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  • Option of integrating with a web-based booking system

    provides online connection with web environments. The visitors can get an overview of available rooms and book themselves online.

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Compucash Sportclub

Booking and customer management software for sports clubs and group training providers.

  • Management of training rooms

    for improved management of group and individual training. Training rooms can comprise a part of the gym or even an open air training session with a coach.
  • Contract management

    options are used to define the main parameters and the contract printout forms (standard forms).
  • Packages

    for indicating training sessions and rooms available to the package in question. Plus, the user restriction category is defined. The package included in the contract is indicated
    upon creating/signing each contract.
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  • Training session parameters

    for defining the maximum number of visitors, a default coach, training session duration, etc. All parameters can be modified when specifying a certain training period and whenever necessary.
  • 10-time and membership cards

    cards with X number of visits or membership cards are activated when the relevant item is sold. The corresponding visiting rights are loaded on the customer account.
    The customer can be identified using a proximity card, magnetic strip card, smartcard, or the customer particulars (name).
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  • Access control system

    we provide an access control system or enable integration with the existing system, in case the club is already using an access control system. Access is usually extended
    automatically upon invoice settlement.
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  • Management and statistics of coaching resources

    summaries of the work schedules and working hours of coaches, popularity of group training sessions and coaches, etc.
  • Corporate clients

    allows entering co-operation partners subject to special agreements, including sports association, companies, etc.
    Employee lists can be imported from a file or an e-mail, discounts can be set for packages and the selected services of the club or the company’s commitment to pay (incl. partially) for services, etc.
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  • Types of training

    e.g. “basic for beginners”, “basic and effective”, “specially designed”, etc; the training types can be colour-coded for better viewing viewing in the calendar and filtering by type,
    and the grouping by type can be used later for statistical purposes.
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  • Calendar

    for displaying rooms and specifying the group training sessions including the necessary parameters.
  • User restrictions

    these are necessary for specifying the packages, e.g. business days package, morning package, weekend package, etc. Weekdays and times are specified, and these
    can be adjusted for each weekday as necessary.
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The features specific to sports clubs are switched on as a separate module with the related menus and adjustment options appearing. The system allows managing the needs of bigger and smaller sports clubs or chains. A smaller sports club which does not need to use all the functions immediately can rest assured that the system will be comprehensive enough as the club expands and that new functions are very easy to introduce one after another. The system can be connected to a web-based booking interface where the customer can log in with his customer code and password and carry out the relevant booking or cancellation operations.


Compucash Calendar

Resource management, booking and customer management software with a calendar view for massage, hairdressing and beauty salons, bowling clubs, or establishments with resource planning needs.

  • Resource management

    for specifying the resource type, including employees, premises, tools or other resource like a bowling lane.
  • Customer management

    customers can include one-off visitors as well as registered regular customers. Regular customers can be linked to discount offers by using all the loyalty system options available
    in CompuCash.
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  • Good overview via calendar

    – ensures swift service. If there are many resources, these can be grouped to be displayed as separate sheets.
  • Web interface

    enables customers to make bookings directly by logging in with their account over the web.


Compucash Integration and Customization

Special functions and integration options, incl. web store and web environment interfaces, integration with access control systems for ticket sales, skiing and entertainment centres, etc.

  • Ticket sales and access control integration

    skiing centre ticket and access control systems. Ticket and access control systems of museums and hobby centres, including integration with fingerprint readers where the
    visitor who bought a ticket is identified using his fingerprint. We offer various options for integrating with web environments where the ticket can be purchased in the corresponding environment, etc.
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  • Interfaces for external accounting and ERP systems

    we have developed interfaces for various accounting and external ERP systems. If a production company which has already introduced an ERP system is looking to adopt
    CompuCash in its retail network, it would be reasonable to develop an interface for importing the master data of products together with base stock input and providing sales statistics where necessary. In this case, movements within the retail network and the various warehouses are registered as operational stock management and inventories in CompuCash.
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  • Interfaces for external customer campaigns and loyalty systems

    we have developed interfaces for external systems, incl. for collecting and using “mileage points”, as well as for widely used loyalty systems, etc.
  • Web store integration

    we provide interfaces for the most common web store platforms, incl. Magento, OpenCart, Joomla Virtuemart, etc. Further, we carry out project-based integration for various web
    store and ordering environments.
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