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Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

Additions to Ektaco’s work time management product

August 09, 2019

The work time management solut6ions allows you to: 

  • prepare the work schedules
  • measure the real working time 
  • use the data as an input for salary calculations
  • analyse the data about time used for different tasks by your people

Ektaco’s work time management product is designed primarily for production and construction companies where people are moving around, work in different locations and with different tools. Today over 1000 employees are registering their time and tasks in Ektaco’s terminals in different companies.

CompuCash POS app

August 08, 2019

Two mobile solutions (for iOS and Android) to speed your sales:

  • CompuCash Waiter is an app for restaurants and cafes to take orders smoothly from the tables and send straight to their bar or kitchen. The Waiter is integrated with CC4000 Windows POS’es. 
  • CompuCash POS app is a new generation independent POS solution.  Its functionality is still limited but you can nicely sell with it, it’s proved by our clients.

A Customer Story with Põhjala Tap Room

June 26, 2019

Põhjala tap room is a thrilling enterprise. If you haven’t been on their tour yet, then we’d warmly recommend to take that into your plans.

In addition to the option to try local beers, you can also purchase some beers and souvenirs from their store and enjoy life in their spacious beer restaurant on the 1st floor. And that’s not all – you can also rent a sauna while the restaurant is open.