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Consumption meter reading

Get you consumption under contorl!

Our remote heating, water and electricity consumption reading sysrtem is based on
M-Bus, EN1434-3, IEC 870 standards.

  • online overview of the consumtion
  • automatic collection of data with robotic questionnair and ability to control it by users 
  • ables to find our broken meters and reasons for losses
  • usual 2-vessel cables are suitable
  • meters or their M-Bus modules have got autonomous power supply 
  • one casn start with one group of meters and add others later
  • open and well documented data and communication protocol specially designed for consumption meters

One example solution:

  • 200 measurting points (40 flats) Smart-Home style house in Tallinn, Merirahu district
  • measuremenst are read 4 x per day and data is available over the internet wherever in the world you are 
  • it is reading internal ultra sound heating meters AXIS SKU-03 with M-Bus interface and external water and electricity meters with M-Bus Relay GmbH interfaces

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