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POS client display for Your ads

August 09, 2018

Your point-of-sale device can be nicely used as a marketing channel. There are client displays towards them where the client can see the content of their purchase. The other half of the screen space is suitable for showing them some of you advertisement. While there are no purchases made, the full screen can show your logo or a campaign advertisement.

You can add these advertisements to the screens of one of your shops or cafes or only to one screen of one shop, cafe or to all screen in all shops, cafes. To add a picture or video to the client display you need to go from CompuCash office to Config-Configuration-Selling point – Ads. You can use pictures up to 10 MB and videos up to 50 MB.

In case you still have POS devices with a tiny client display but you would like the bigger more modern one, please let us know and we will send you an offer.