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Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

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CompuCash in Riga Food for the 4th time

05. September 2018

Ektaco's good partner in Latvia, NRData, is representing us at the largest food fair in the Baltics, Riga Food, that is held in Riga on Sept  5-8.

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Digital work time management increases productivity

21. August 2018

Urmo Sisask, CEO of Hyrles, has written in August that although digitalisation of production can be complicated and sometimes uncomfortable, then there is no alternative way of we aim to be competitive in next 10-20 years.

One option to manage a factory more effectively and increase its productivity is to implement a digital solution that helps to measure the tasks and time for it digitally, make decisions based in this easily accessible data and see in real time on large screen an overview of the progress and situations in your units.

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POS client display for Your ads

09. August 2018

Your point-of-sale device can be nicely used as a marketing channel. There are client displays towards them where the client can see the content of their purchase. The other half of the screen space is suitable for showing them some of you advertisement. While there are no purchases made, the full screen can show your logo or a campaign advertisement.

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CompuCash enjoyed in Lithuania

02. August 2018

The reseller of CompuCash in Lithuania, the team of  JSC “Empirija“ is glad to introduce you one of their loyal customer,  the restaurant “Blue Lotus“ based in Vilnius, Totorių st. 16.

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Lighthouses served by CompuCash and CompuAccess

20. July 2018

Ticketing and access systems provided by Ektaco is welcoming you now also in the Sõrve lighthouse in Saaremaa. Earlier it has been serving the guests of three lighthouses in Hiiumaa: Kõpu, Ristna and Tahkuna.

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26. February 2018

Ektaco is growing