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Professional. Reliable. Sustainable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

Professional. Sustainable. Reliable.

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Ektaco is smoothing workflow and increasing income of its client companies with its intuitive premium quality soft- and hardware systems and support  services.

The main activity of Ektaco is the development, implementation and maintenance of hardware and software based data collection and process control systems. We are offering the following solutions for you:

Over the years, we have honed our skills of integrating software and hardware and turning solutions which conform to specifications developed in cooperation with our customers into well-functioning products/systems. The implemented projects often feature a high-quality combination of knowledge from various business areas to ensure a lasting customer relationship.

Our team consists of more than 35 motivated and loyal employees with most having higher education and many continuing their studies. In our business, it is important to strike a balance between the interests of customers, partners, employees and owners. The owners have reinvested most of the profits into corporate and product development to ensure sustainability.

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