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Access Control System

Access Control System,                                                       Working Time Management Solution CompuAccess,                  Turnstiles and Video surveillance         

Access Control and Time Management Solutions by Ektaco

Why Ektaco?

Ektaco has got experiences starting from 1990s with access control soft- and hardware development, planning and installation. Our access control system Argos, working time management solution CompuAccess are:

  • trustworthy
  • secure that undesirable person do not have access into you territory 
  • decrease considerable losses in worki time 
  • korrastada ja hoida kontrolli all seonduvad protsessid
  • ja efektiivselt neid hallata

Ektaco's strong development team guarantees continuous updates for our solutions and in time delivery of agreements. Our specialists are higly qualified that allows is to offer optimal technical soltuons for our customers. 

Ektaco access control is trusted by:

We are offering

  1. Planning of the access control and working time measurement systems based on Your procedures 
  2. Compilement of access control and working time measurement system components into a well.working sustem, laboratory testing 
  3. Deployment and system tuning 
  4. Technical surveillance of the project 
  5. Support services 

We keep ouselves updates with the leading devices in the domain. We are good at making trusted, user friendly access control and working time measurement systems. Our aim is to optimise the time of your people to produce maximum output and secure your properites. 

Ektaco  has got the following certificates

  • Licence for planning, intallation and maintenenace for security systems, PA-772-TU
  • Electrical safety level B competence (up to 1000 V)
  • Authorized sales partner of Gotschlich turnstiles and gates 
  • We are certified by ISO 9001:2015 standard

Warranty, maintenance and customer support

Based of your business needs we offer a suitable service for maintenance and support. 

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